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Created on 2009-05-05 04:51:22 (#289732), last updated 2012-03-18 (287 weeks ago)

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Name:IDK MY BFF...
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Community description:Claim your BFF
Yes, there are some. 8|
➀ Claims list is right here. Be sure to check before claiming otherwise your claim WILL be ignored.
➁ You are only allowed to have one claim.
➂ You can claim a fictional character, real life person, celebrity, or even a user. 8)
➃ Don't start wank. No, really, why would you?
➄ Remember to use tags! series: [fandom here] when claiming and %dropping when dropping a claim.
➅ Have fun and don't forget to put "My BFF is..!" on your subject so we'll know you read the rules!

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